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Stop Information

Details about specific stop locations and connecting services are listed below.



Stop City:


Hocking College
3301 Hocking Parkway, Nelsonville, OH 45764
Type of Stop:
Bus shelter
Pick Up / Drop Off Location:
At bus shelter near the south end of the main parking lot
Phone Number:
Hours of Operation:
Tickets are available at the Cashier's Office in Light Hall. Hours of availability are subject to change.
On-site Parking:
Short and long-term parking available on weekends (Friday, 5 pm – Monday 7 AM); permit parking only during the week
Ticket Sales on Site:
Ticketing Hours:
*Greyhound vouchers cannnot be accepted at this location*

Cashier's Office (in Light Hall--see link to map below): Monday - Friday: 8 AM - 5 PM; hours of availability are subject to change

Hocking College Buildings Map: https://cdn2.hubspot.net/hubfs/2446169/+Archived%20Content/Hocking%20Campus%20Map%20.pdf
Yes, in bookstore
Drinks and/or snacks:
Yes, in Light Hall (see map)
Yes, in Light Hall, 2nd floor (see map)
Reservation Stop Only
Yes (Schedule 53 ONLY)

Bus schedules for this location may require a reservation 1 day in advance.

Connecting Services

Local public transit:
None available
Athens Go To Cab: 740-590-4686

Athens Green Cab: 740-594-7336

WE SERVE: Athens, Columbus, Cleveland, Marietta, Parkersburg, Van Wert, Wooster and communities in between.

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