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About GoBus

Started in 2010, GoBus is a federally-funded intercity bus service administered by Hocking Athens Perry Community Action’s Transportation Division. GoBus helps to connect Ohio’s rural residents with urban centers and beyond through the Rural Intercity Bus Program (Section 5311(f)) of the FTA.



The Rural Intercity Bus Program program is designed to address the intercity bus transportation needs of the entire state by supporting projects like GoBus that provide transportation between non-urbanized areas and urbanized areas which result in connections of greater regional, statewide, and national significance. GoBus achieves this goal by coordinating with Greyhound Lines, Barons Bus Lines, John Glenn Columbus International Airport, and other national and local transportation services.

To provide the best public transportation experience in Ohio, GoBus provides passengers with first-class amenities and ADA accessibility on board the deluxe, 50-passenger motor coaches, while keeping fares affordable by using a mileage-based fare structure. We strive to provide safe, reliable and affordable transportation to all.

For more information visit the Ohio Department of Transportation’s website by clicking HERE.

WE SERVE: Athens, Columbus, Cleveland, Marietta, Parkersburg, Van Wert, Wooster and communities in between.

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