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All of our buses are wheelchair accessible. Buses also lower or “kneel” at stops making boarding and de-boarding easier.



Wheelchair Accessibility

Our goal is to make your travel on GoBus a safe, pleasant and convenient experience. At GoBus, we are able to meet the needs of customers with disabilities. Among other skills, our drivers are trained to assist with:

  • Boarding and de-boarding, including use of the lift
  • Wheeled mobility devices, including storing and handling
  • Oxygen, respirators, medicine
  • Personal Care Assistants
  • Service Animals

Four Important Steps To Take

There are four important steps to take in order to help GoBus serve you better:

  1. Contact us by calling 888-95-GOBUS (888-954-6287) as far in advance as possible to let us know when you are traveling and what your needs are.
  2. If you are traveling beyond GoBus with one of our partners (Greyhound, Barons Bus Lines, etc.) contact them as far in advance as possible so that they may provide you with the best service possible. The Greyhound Customers with Disabilities Travel Assistance Line is 1-800-752-4841.
  1. When booking a trip online, make sure to self-select that you require ADA assistance which will allow you to choose the type of assistance you need, including assistance with a wheeled mobility device.
  2. Arrive well in advance of your departure time and inform the driver of your needs during your trip.

Please see the GoBus Riders Guide, the American with Disabilities Act and Your Rights as a Customer for more information.

WE SERVE: Athens, Columbus, Cleveland, Marietta, Parkersburg, Van Wert, Wooster and communities in between.

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