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What is the Ohio Intercity Bus Study?

There are four agencies / companies that provide intercity bus transportation in Ohio, GoBus, Greyhound, Barons Bus, and Miller Transportation. The map below illustrates the intercity bus routes serving Ohio and the location of bus stops and major transfer centers.

The Ohio Department of Transportation (ODOT) is the recipient of Federal Transit Administration (FTA) funding for rural intercity bus service under Title 49 U.S.C. Section 5311(f).  ODOT, through its Office of Transit, is conducting a statewide intercity bus needs assessment and plan to guide its program over the next five years. A major focus of this study is to examine the current intercity bus services, both subsidized and unsubsidized, to determine the need for state/federal assistance to maintain current services or provide expanded connections from rural areas to connect with the national intercity bus network.

For this study, intercity bus service is defined as “…regularly scheduled bus service for the general public that operates with limited stops over fixed routes connecting two or more urban areas not in close proximity, that has the capacity for transporting baggage carried by passengers, and that makes meaningful connections with scheduled intercity bus service to more distant points, if such service is available.” Commuter bus service is not included in this definition.

Currently ODOT utilizes its allocation of Federal Transit Administration funding (to provide operating assistance for the GoBus intercity services (shown in green on the map above).  More information about GoBus is available on this website, RideGoBus.com

In addition, ODOT recognizes that there are intercity carriers (such as Greyhound Lines, Barons Bus, Megabus, Miller Transportation and others) that provide unsubsidized intercity bus service to much of the state (shown in blue, red, and orange lines on the map), and the state is interested in maintaining or expanding their services or facilities.

The study is being conducted by the KFH Group, Inc. working together with ODOT and GoBus.  Tasks include an inventory of existing services, an analysis of demographic information to determine areas with a high need for service, public and stakeholder outreach, development of service options, and recommendations.

There are five public meetings now being scheduled across the state, and if you are interested in notification of these meetings please send your name and contact information to lshannon@kfhgroup.com.  Another way to provide your input to the study is to click on the link above and take the survey.  It includes questions about how you take intercity trips, what features of intercity service are most important to you, and what you would like to see changed or improved including new routes, stops or additional schedules.

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